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Weather conditions play a big part in day to day driving...understand why

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Weather conditions will affect you


  • Do you know how to work the washers and wipers?
  • Make sure your instructor has shown you how to use them
  • Do you know how to use the demisters?
  • Can you find the heated rear window switch?
  • Without air conditioning your windows will steam up even on a wet hot day!
  • And it's worse in winter...unless you want to drive around with the windows open
  • Not much fun on a cold wet day


  • Are the windows cleaned properly?
  • Poorly cleaned windows will cause you tremendous problems and are dangerous
  • Has your instructor warned you of the difficulty seeing both brake lights and indicators easily when the sun is behind you? Especially when following red cars! Or driving a red car for that matter
  • Do you realise your indicators and brake lights are also extremely difficult to see?
  • In very bright sunlight try to indicate or brake in the shade if you can
  • This might mean signalling or braking slightly earlier than usual (talk to your ADI about this)
  • But try not to confuse other road users if you do signal earlier

Sun and Rain

  • Road glare can cause accidents
  • Road glare is bright sunlight on a wet road and it can cause severe
  • Visibility problems

Wearing sun glasses

  • Wear sun glasses if the sun is bright
  • Make sure the sunglasses do not alter colours
  • You can buy sunglasses specially designed for driving
  • If you already wear glasses to improve your vision ask your optician about prescription sunglasses for driving


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