Intensive Driving

Intensive Driving

Updated 25/03/04


L earning to drive starts with a CLICK


I'm getting feedback (Wednesday 24th March) from the first wave of Welsh casualties! I guess there'll be more to come!

Driving Instructors within Greater London and the Home Counties are not surprised at the recent television promotion regarding waiting times within Greater London. The BBC highlighted the shortage of Examiners and the lack of test dates within the London area. The DSA promotion is WALES . The DSA effectively solves its problem of Examiner shortages in the Greater London area and relieves its burden to provide driving tests within London. The fact that you may not pass somewhere else is of no concern to the DSA. The DSA campaign is underway. And its clever. Can't get Examiners in London? Promote somewhere else! WALES!

The DSA would send you to the moon if it thought it could get away with it.

Somehow the DSA lost the plot and its Charter Mark for excellent service. The DSA strap line is "Safe driving for life". But at the same it actively promotes trainee licences. The BBC news clip showed a BSM Trainee Instructor. Sadly, 95% of Trainee Instructors NEVER qualify. Why? Because the DSA decide that they are not good enough! They are considered below the DSA standard.

  • The driving school car (BSM) in the BBC News clip featured a Trainee Driving Instructor

  • BSM is the only National Driving School to employ Trainee Instructors

  • BUT many other Schools use Trainee Instructors

  • The Trainee Pass Rate is around 5%

  • Trainee Instructors teach with the approval of the DSA

  • The DSA therefore condones sub quality tuition

  • The DSA says the low Pass Rate is due to poor tuition by Instructors

  • The DSA wishes to improve the "poor" standard of tuition

  • But the DSA administers the "Trainee Licence" scheme

  • The DSA makes money from the "Trainee Licence" scheme

  • The DSA knows the failure rate for "Trainee Licences"

  • You don't!

  • The DSA pass rate rarely alters from one year to another

  • Are you really going to Wales to be taught by a DSA Trainee?

  • Have your cheque book ready for the next DSA Test Fee

  • Wait a minute! We all have to learn.

  • I am quite happy to allow someone to learn their skills. In other professions this would be under the watchful eye and guidance of a qualified professional. Ready to step in and make suggestions to avoid errors.

  • Back to reality

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