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Updated 15/03/04

Traffic Signs

L earning to drive starts with a CLICK

So you think you know your traffic signs? (6)

a) This means pedestrians must not cross
b) The lights are about to change to red
c) The lights are about to change to green
d) The lights have failed

a) Move to the next available lane
b) Proceed with caution
c) Stop
d) Get ready to stop

a) 100 metre countdown markers
b) 100 yard countdown markers
c) Hidden hazard ahead
d) School crossing 300 yards ahead

a) Equestrians
b) Racecourse
c) Stables
d) Wild horses

a) Road narrows ahead
b) Traffic merging on both sides
c )Dual carriageway ends
d) Fork in the road

Watch for more traffic sign quizzes in the coming weeks.

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