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Updated 15/03/04

Traffic Signs

L earning to drive starts with a CLICK

So you think you know your traffic signs? (3)

a) No U turns
b) One way street on your right
c) No right turn
Ahead only

a) Buses and cycles excluded from left hand lane
b) Buses and cycles in left hand lane only
c) Overtake only on the right
d) DO NOT drive in the right hand lane!

a) DO NOT exceed 20mph
b) DO NOT exceed 30mph
c) School parking area ahead
d) National speed limit now applies

a) National speed limit no longer applies
b) National speed limit applies
c) No parking
d) Red route

a) Contraflow ahead
b) One way system with priority to the LEFT
c) mini roundabout
d) One way street ahead with priority from the right

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