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Updated 16/03/04

Traffic Signs

L earning to drive starts with a CLICK

So you think you know your traffic signs? (1)

a) Hospital on the right
b) HGV drivers have priority
c) Holiday route
Rest area on a holiday route

a) Pelican crossing ahead
b) Cycle route
c) Cyclists have priority
d) If your view is restricted in a side road

a) Low flying aircraft
b) Airport
c) Low embankments each side of carriageway
d) Cross winds

a) Hump back bridge
b) Risk of grounding
c) Lorries restricted from using this road
d) Expect to find slow moving vehicles ahead

a) Two way traffic crossing a one way street
b) Dual carriageway ahead
c) Unmarked crossroad
d) Danger from both left and right at junction ahead

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