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We've all read about Mrs Smith from wherever, who. "Still can't believe how good her mail order curtains are."
Or the customer who was amazed that they passed their driving test in minutes of speaking to a driving school and got the driving test on the day they requested at the exact time they wanted!

Anyway, back to reality

  • These are real people and we've helped change a lot of lives
  • These emails simply say: "Thanks"
  • I've only cleaned up (some) text. Simply to make their testimonials either easier to read or to fit easily within this page format
  • I can't edit sentiment

Passing the Driving Test is still probably the most fretful and frustrating event in our lives...it doesn't have to be... read on:

Dear John,

What can I say ... I PASSED!

And this was very much thanks to Phil, your man with the automatic!
This was attempt number four for me, and I learnt more on the intensive course with Phil, than I had with all the other instructors over the years, and years, and years!

A huge thank you to Phil, he kept calm, and in control, and pushed confidence on you at every turn, but dealt with error in such a great way that (as you should) you learnt from your mistakes.
I know I would have failed if it wasn’t for him ... anyone unsure of their ability, or who has failed in the past, give Phil a call, and choose which car you want to drive after passing ... while taking the test – I did!

Cheers, Steve

Dear John,

I just wanted to express my gratitude for the last 3 ½ weeks of the best tuition I believe money can buy. Phil is an amazing instructor and I have him to thank for passing my test today. Even on days I wasn’t sure I’d do too well on the test he would spur me on and express a belief in me and my ability to pass [on the first attempt] that was impossible to ignore, I don’t tend to write testimonials but I’m so impressed by Phil, I put together a few words below in the event you want to add another happy customers testimonial to your web page.

Kindest regards, Tanja

Thank you Philip!

Earlier today I passed my Practical Driving Test on the first attempt, with only 2 minor faults. I’m convinced it was much thanks to Phil, a fantastic instructor with heaps of knowledge and patience. Not to bore you with all the details but I went from needing/deciding to get my Drivers Licence to passing in about 4 weeks!! I called a few Driving Schools but when I spoke to John Foote I felt I had found MY Driving School and after the assessment lesson with Phil I knew I had struck gold! I immediately found both John and Phil very knowledgeable and encouraging from the start. Spending hours in a car with Phil, I found him to be a very warm and supportive man with a great sense of humour. I cannot recommend Phil enough and I certainly cannot thank him enough for his excellent tuition and support during the lessons.

Thank you, Tanja

Hi John,

Id just like to pass on a big thank you to Russ, who despite the fact that he was a West Ham fan was an incredible teacher. I had become very demotivated a few years ago but Russ helped me enjoy driving again. His composure and positive attitude always made me feel relaxed.. the odd jibe about Spurs was well worth it. The intensive driving course was also perfect for me - i was genuinely looking forward to every day and would make the train return journey to London with a smile on my face.

Best Chris.

I have today passed my test on the first attempt, thanks to John Foote's patient, diligent and loyal intensive-course instructor, Manuel.

I had started learning the basics of driving a car 14 years ago, but not the rules, practices and technique. I then never sat in the driver's seat for 13 years. Working abroad, with an irregular timetable, I needed an intensive course. John was helpful and informative at the time of booking. Manuel was flexible and hard-working while working out dates and times at the last minute that suited my evolving diary.

Manuel is an excellent and reliable teacher.

My feeling now -- with hindsight -- is that his aim is to bring to you to a standard above the minimum required for the test, so that the driver's performance will be confident but not cocky. Nothing escapes Manuel's watchful eye while learning! And the level of concentration required is high; such that, I fell asleep on the train most nights on the way home after the lesson.

Manuel is also held in high regard by the test centre examiners, which is a reassuring thing for the driver taking the test to hear. The test centre itself apparently has a reputation of being fair; they actually want t you to pass if you can. This was also my experience of them. The area -- all around Brentwood and Romford -- for a newcomer like me is an ideal learning ground, with lots of challenges and variety.

My thanks go to everyone, John, the Examiner, and most of all Manuel.


Hi John and Manuel,

Apologies for the delay in sending in my little testimonial - I think I was in shock for a couple of weeks after passing my test! I was really feeling that not having a driving licence was blocking a lot of the plans I wanted to make so I'm really thrilled to have passed my driving test at the age of 47.

As a motorcyclist and cyclist I had plenty of road sense but there was still lots to learn about driving a car. Manuel was terrific, both as an instructor and as a sociable person to spend a week with. I'd definitely recommend an intensive course to anyone, especially if you can't fit in regular lessons during a normal working week. It's hard work so clear your week of anything but driving, eating and sleeping!

I'd also recommend anyone living in inner east London to consider it as I think you get a lot more driving done in the Brentwood area than you would in the city and I'm sure being familiar with the test area also helps. Once again, huge thanks to Manuel. I've bought myself a second-hand Fiesta Zetec LX (Mk IV) and am thoroughly enjoying it. Lots of camping trips planned for the coming summer too.

Cheers Rose

Hi John:

I’d had hundreds of hours of tuition and still failed my test 4 times when I met Phil. I was really nervous and I had problems with steering that I was beginning to think were a neurological problem, but he sorted them out in the first lesson and ten lessons later I passed my test. He is a great diagnostician but manages to be laid back and funny so that you don’t feel nervous at all. He’s a great teacher and a really nice person too.

I’ll be back for Pass Plus asap

Yours, Jenny

Hello John:

I just wanted to send an email to let you know that I passed my test, with much thanks being owed to Phil. I found his 'teaching' style wonderful. He was very professional- never answering his phone when it rang, informing me if he was stuck in traffic (which only happened once), replying to my emails and texts promptly.

His knowledge of the road and its rules really showed through and I progressed more with Phil in my intensive driving lessons than I did with another instructor that I had been taking lessons from for months.

I felt that Phil genuinely wanted me to be the best driver I could be and he really shared my elation when I passed my test this past Monday.

He's professional, warm and knowledgeable. I can't recommend Phil enough.

Warm regards,

Dear John,

I was unclear where to send my testimonial for my lessons with Manuel - hope this is ok.

I just wanted to say how grateful I was to Manuel for getting me through my test. I am an extremely nervous driver and had previously only had a few lessons 20 years ago. Manuel's unfailing patience and kindness got me through, and I don't think I would have passed my test without his help.

So I wanted to say thank you to him for making the difference, when I thought I would never learn to drive at my age (I am 38).


Hi John,

I just wanted to add to your testimonials page.

I've just passed my test at the age of 40, having thought I would never learn to drive. This was all down to Manuel, who is a fantastic instructor. I can't praise him highly enough, the intensive course was just that, but I wanted to pass in the shortest time, and be able to get on with my life. His patience and skill were the things that got me through the test, and he teaches driving for life - and as a nervous 40 year old he's made me confident and - I hope - safe on the roads.

Cheers, Manuel. You're a genius.

Thanks again, Tom

Dear John,

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how very satisfied I was with my recent intensive driving course with Manuel

Previously I absolutely hated driving, and had been avoiding it for five years, but even after the two-hour assessment lesson with Manuel I was already feeling a lot more positive. He was extremely patient, good at explaining things, made very useful notes for me and, most importantly, had a great sense of humour! He made the intensive course almost painless and I passed my test second time.

I was in a real rush to pass before I moved abroad and I managed to do the 30-hour course, take two tests and pass the second one all within three weeks, which was a huge relief.

I would recommend this method of learning to drive to anyone who is able to stay focussed for long days of driving, and needs to learn in a hurry. Even with my two-hour commute from north London to Essex every day, it was totally worth it and much more productive than trying to learn to drive in London

Many thanks, Joanna

Hi John,

Where do I begin!

I want to start by saying that I wish I would have done this course a long time ago. I was a little dubious about spending so much time with one person who I have never met, BUT on my first meeting with Manuel I knew we would get on.

Manuel has so much patience and time for his pupils that his teaching feels very natural and relaxed. I certainly had my moments where I wanted to shout, swear and give up (I did swear a few times...) BUT with Manuel next to me and his words of encouragement I was able to carry on.

I want to thank Manuel from the bottom of my heart for getting me through this especially at a very difficult time in my life, without him I couldn't have done it.

So to anybody who is browsing the net and THINKING of doing this course, don't just THINK about it, DO IT AND BOOK IT!!!!

Again thank- you take care

love Natasha xxxx
I found the 'intensive driver's service offered by John Foote extremely helpful. As I work abroad, I had very limited time to return to the UK and take the test, and found the agency very flexible and efficient in terms of scheduling an intensive course that fitted my strict timeframe.

In the event, I also discovered that the combination of a London traffic environment, my relative unfamiliarity with UK road systems and my rather poor level of physical co-ordination meant that it was all much harder than expected:

I needed a few more hours of tuition than had been planned, and my instructor Maralyn very kindly arranged additional lesson time over the weekend.

I am sure that her support and 'beyond the call of duty' extra tuition made a crucial difference on the day, when, I am delighted to say, I passed my test.

I would be very happy to recommend this service to anyone. Chrissie
Hi John, Cheers for getting me through the test and that... Having had a look into insurance and the car I am looking at, I reckon I could make a reasonable saving if I did this pass plus course too and was wondering if you do them and if you do, could fit me in for one sometime over the next few weeks...
Best Regards - Carlton
Hello John
Thanks for your email and many, many thanks for organising my intensive course with Maralyn. I thought the whole experience was going to be a stressful and unpleasant chore but I found, to my surprise, that I really enjoyed the driving. Although I scraped my pass, it is still a pass and I can't wait to get some wheels!

Maralyn was an excellent instructor - intuitive, patient and completely unfazed by some truly horrendous driving on my part. She also has an encyclopaedic knowledge of all of the greasy spoons in Barking and Leytonstone, the culinary delights of which were enjoyed frequently during my course.

Intensive driving courses in general, seem to get a bit of bad press, but without mine I would never have passed my test.

I felt that Maralyn was as focused on my driving as I was. She also made sure I experienced as many different driving conditions and situations as possible, giving me confidence (but not over-confidence!) in my own driving ability. I will not hesitate to personally recommend you and Maralyn to anyone yet to have passed the dreaded practical test.
Best wishes

Dear John,
Happy Birthday! (If I remember rightly, it is sometime around this time of year!). Thank you for having the patience and giving so much encouragement (even when I thought squirrels had right of way!) during my intensive course.

For me that was the best way to learn. Although I found it tiring to begin with, I soon adapted and was even looking forward to each day! My elation on passing my test on the second attempt (first attempt not so good due to chronic attack of nerves!) was something I will never forget (especially since it was on 2nd January and a brilliant way to start the year). I have now bought myself a second hand Micra and am enjoying my new found freedom which, this time last year, it would not have even crossed my mind to even learn to drive.

Hope that things on the house moving front have all gone ahead now and that you have settled in.
Thank you.
Belinda x

Hi John
Just wanted to write to say huge thanks for arranging the intensive driving course for me at such short notice. The instructor you put me in touch with, Dave, was fantastic and remained calm and unflappable throughout the course - even when I did my best to try and kill us both on a roundabout!

I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute and was overjoyed (if somewhat amazed) when I passed. Having had experience of learning to drive previously (having one lesson a week) I can't stress enough how much better it is to take an intensive course. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Many thanks once again

Best wishes
Hello John, Well, 2 months have passed since my driving test, and I'm still thoroughly enjoying being the master of 4 wheels as well as two! Now that I've come terms with being a car driver as well as a bike rider, I can't understand why I didn't take driving lessons years ago - the weekly shopping is so much easier, and I can stay dry and warm in winter. Excellent!

Anyway, I'd just like to thank you for the expert tuition and guidance. I won't deny that the intensive lessons were tough and mentally draining, but looking back on it, the whole experience was extremely satisfying and thoroughly enjoyable - and absolutely the right thing to do for me.

Long will I remember the coffee in Maccy D's after a successful reverse park, the bacon butties and tea in the Barking cafe, and commuting from Suffolk to Goodmayes in the snow and the ice... An Intensive Driving Course? No. More of an Adventure Holiday! Cheers, and many thanks,

Dear John,
Can I just thank you again for everything you have done for me over the past few weeks. I can't tell you how stressful it was to have my dream job so nearly within my grasp, but for one thing - the lack of a driving licence!

You have been unceasingly helpful and efficient and have gone far above and beyond what I would ever have expected. I gave you an impossible mission and you came through with the solution - and I know how much hard work and tenacity that took.

My instructor was excellent and made everything very straightforward- even managing to keep me calm, which is no mean feat! I was expecting five hour lessons to be tedious and exhausting, but they flew by and I learnt so much.

I passed after just under 20 hours of tuition and I owe you so much for making it all happen. I can now get that job and start a new life up North with a most vital skill to help me with my new life. Thank you, thank you!
You are an absolute star and I don't know how to begin to express my appreciation.
Love, Eleanor

John, hope you're well?
For every person who has had an unfortunate experience with a driving school (which failed to treat you as an individual), John Foote is the antidote. John makes you feel like you are his most important pupil right from the start - he believes in you but more important, he makes you realise the importance of believing in yourself. I only wish I'd met him ten years earlier!
Best wishes
I'm writing to thank you for organizing the intensive driving course that I took with Chris Wood last week, I thought the standard of teaching was very high and I was very impressed. I would take no hesitation in recommending this intensive course to other learning drivers.
Just wanted to say thanks again - my life and work have returned to normal and I now have an extra 2/3 hours per day yeah it should have been easy, hell its just a job - but the light hearted -yet serious method you employed was probably just what I needed.

I could have had a host of minors and wouldn't have cared !!!We did exactly what was needed - and succeeded in what I consider to be short order
Let me know if you ever require any assistance in the field of comms/networking/pc's
Cheers Again

Hi John
I would like to thank you for the Intensive Driving Course that I took recently. After just one week, I gained enough knowledge and confidence in order to pass my practical test at the end, first time. It was well worth the time and money spent. Your teaching method was friendly, easygoing and very effective. Thank you once again for your time and effort that you put in, and I would not hesitate in recommending you.

With regards to the person at work who went on the driving course in Bxxxxxxxl. she went with two other people as well and none of them were allowed to take the practical test. She told me that in total, there were 10 there at the same time and only 3 were allowed to take the test. She did receive the confirmation letter for the test day, and when her Friend challenged the teachers saying that she had paid for the test and wants to take it, she was told that she can but not in their car.

Thanks again
All the best

(The location of the school is removed for obvious reasons)

The intensive driving course with John enabled me to fit in driving lessons to a hectic work schedule. I found his tuition style and flexibility over booking lessons particularly useful.

Following my intensive course with John I knew I was in good shape for my test and so it proved to be when I passed, even though this had been the first time I had driven in seven years. As a person and an instructor I couldn't recommend him highly enough. Glenn

Dear John
I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the intensive driving course that I took with you. Although it was stressful, hard work and tiring it was absolutely worth it. I did not pass the test at the end of the week but it certainly wasn’t down to lack of practice or instruction. I simply let my nerves get the better of me. I had everything I needed to pass on the first attempt but I think that I was overwhelmed by the situation.
As you know I have since passed my second test with flying colours and am enjoying my new found freedom. (4 minor faults)

I am the type of person that when my mind is made up to do something I want to do it then and there. I achieved in 5 days what would have taken months to do taking weekly lessons. I would recommend this type of course for anyone who can be sure that they won’t flake out half way through. You have to be determined and focused to succeed on this type of course.

Your tuition was second to none and you have a gift for breaking things down into bite size easy to digest sections. I loved the way you used examples of things we might do in everyday life and equating them to an aspect of driving. e.g. the climbing of a ladder and the pressure going from one foot to the other makes perfect sense when moving off using the clutch and accelerator. I found that because the examples you gave were easy to remember and very logical, it enabled me to run through them in my mind at home.

The other good thing about the course is the area in which you learn, because if you can learn to drive in the Goodmayes / Ilford area (which can be a bit if a nightmare) then you can pretty much cope with anywhere else.

A lot of intensive courses are out in the sticks where the roads are quiet and people stick to the speed limit. This is really no good if you live in a city as it will be a shock to the system when you get back and try to drive the way you’ve been taught in the country (not a good idea).

Once again I thoroughly enjoyed the course and we did have a laugh. Thank you very much for your help and if anyone I know wants to learn to drive in the future you can be sure that I’ll be giving them your number.

Yours sincerely

Just a quick note to thank you so much for getting me through my driving test first time! The intensive course was exactly what I needed and your style of tuition, relaxed but firm with full explanations as to the whys and wherefores of driving under different road and traffic conditions, meant that when I came to my test, I was as prepared as I could have been.

This to my mind explains why I had only 2 minor faults on my test - the least the Examiner had had in over a month of tests! Having only two faults has also enabled me to get discounts on my car insurance! I would wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone looking to learn to drive. Thanks again.
All the best,

Dear John,

Just wanted to say thank you so much for organising my intensive course with Maralyn! She was a brilliant instructor, very patient and great company, knew her stuff inside out, and taught me very thoroughly - she was particularly good at going through all sorts of hypothetical situations that you might encounter on the road, which turned out to be pretty handy when many of them came up during the test!

I guess there is no better indication of how good the course was than the simple fact that I managed to pass first time with only four minors, which has much more to do with Marylyn's skills as a teacher than my natural ability as a driver!

She really did seems as interested in getting me through successfully as I was, which made all the difference - especially having had hourly lessons a few years ago with instructors who didn't seem to care whether I passed in six months or six years! this is one of many reasons that I would highly recommend your intensive courses, and I have already sent several friends your details. as for me, I think Pass Plus looms, and then the really hard bit - convincing the parents to buy me a car...

thanks again to yourself and Maralyn for a wonderfully painless and enjoyable experience,



Dear John and Dave

Thank you so much for all of your help which enabled me to pass my test at the end of the week course!!! I was slightly apprehensive and extremely nervous before starting the course but you helped me gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed.

Not only that, but you taught me to such a high standard that on the day of my test I felt a lot more confident than I thought I ever would.

You were a brilliant teacher and you made me feel so at ease. If it was not for you, I would not have passed and I would highly recommend you to any learner driver.


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