Intensive Driving

Intensive Driving

Updated 15/03/04

Stopping distances

L earning to drive starts with a CLICK


1. What is the braking distance at 40mph?
a)  21 metres
b) 24metres
c)  55metres
d)  73metres

2. At 70mph the thinking distance is?
a)   21metres
b)   8 car lengths
c)   24 car lengths
d)   5 car lengths

3. What is the thinking distance at 40mph?
a) 15 metres
b) 36 metres
c) 18 metres
d) 12 metres

4. At 20mph my overall stopping distance is?
a)   12 metres
b)  18 metres
c)   9  metres
d)    3 metres

5. How many car lengths will I go before I stop at 30mph?
a)  18
b)  12
c)    3
d)    6

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