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Speed Kills

Research has shown that roughly 30% of all collisions have an element of excess or inappropriate speed. Home office research has also shown that a 1mph reduction in the average speed of vehicles on a given length of road will equal a 5% reduction in collisions.

And the severity of injury in a collision increases with the speed of the vehicle so it is argued that speed is a contributing element in most fatal collisions.

Areas that have installed and operated speed cameras have experienced a reduction of up to 47% in personal injury collisions at the camera sites and 35%across the respective local authority areas. So whilst it is difficult to attribute the cause of specific collisions to speed, it is clearly a factor

Here a few extra facts to consider

  • If you are involved in a head on collision with another vehicle and you are both travelling towards each other at only 15mph, your impact speed will be 30mph
  • If you collide whilst both moving at 30mph then your impact speed doubles to 60mph
  • So you can see how the severity of the accident increases with your speed

But 30mph feels slow doesn't it?

  • Well, at 30mph you are travelling at about 44 feet per second
  • That's about 13.5 metres
  • Which is about 3 car lengths
  • And you've done all that in a second or a blink of an eye

But everybody else drives fast and they don't all have accidents

  • That's true
  • But those that do become statistics
  • And others, well they just create them

Do you know your stopping distances?


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