Intensive Driving

Intensive Driving

Updated 15/03/04

Quick Theory

L earning to drive starts with a CLICK

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1. Coasting is?
a) Driving in neutral
b) Driving without your foot on the gas pedal
c) Accelerating with the clutch down
d) Driving in the wrong gear

2. An MOT certificate for a car is valid for?
a) 1 year
b) 5 years
c) 2 years
d) Forever

3. An MOT certificate means?
a) The vehicle is road worthy for at least 6 months
b) The vehicle is road worthy for the time the certificate is valid
c) The vehicle is road worthy only at the time of the inspection
d) All major work has been carried out on the vehicle

4. Which one of these might cause a vehicle to fail an MOT?
a) A faulty thermostat
b) A faulty gear box
c) A worn wiper blade
d) None of these

5. Horse riders turning right at a roundabout will use?
a) The right hand lane
b) The left hand lane
c) The middle lane
d) The most appropriate lane

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