Intensive Driving

Intensive Driving

Updated 15/03/04

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1. At night you may park on a main road  without lights if?
a) The speed limit is no more than 40mph
b) The speed limit is below 40mph
c) The speed limit is above 30mph
d) The speed limit is no more than 30mph

2. At night if you park on a main road, your vehicle must be?
a) Parked on the left of the road
b) Parked in the same direction as the flow of traffic
c) On the pavement
d) Parked on the right side of the road

3. You have a tyre puncture whilst travelling on a motorway. You should?
a) Change the tyre yourself ONLY if the puncture is on a near side tyre
b) Call the emergency services using the motorway telephones
c) Change the tyre ONLY if you have a passenger who can watch for danger
d) Call the emergency services using
your mobile phone

4. You should use your hazard warning lights when?
a) You are going to park briefly and may cause a hazard to other road users
b) You are towing another vehicle
c) You have broken down and are causing an obstruction
d) You are reversing into a parking space

5. The minimum legal tyre tread is?
a) 1.6mm
b) 1.6cm
c) 1.6cc
d) None of these

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