Intensive Driving

Intensive Driving

Updated 15/03/04

Quick Theory

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1. If police are called to the scene of an accident. You might be breathalysed?
a) At night
b) If there is a suspicion that you have been drinking
c) If alcohol can be detected on your breath
d) Even if the accident was clearly not your fault

2. The minimum legal tyre tread is?
a) 6.1mm
b) 1.5mm
c) 1.6mm
d) 5.1mm

3. I notice an excessive amount of wear on the outer edge of my front tyre. This means ?
a) My brake pads are wearing out
b) There is a fault in the transmission
c) The handbrake probably needs adjusting
d) There is a tracking fault

4. When passing a vehicle waiting to turn right I may mount the kerb?
a) Providing it is safe
b) If there is a sign saying I could normally park on the kerb
c) Never
d) In an emergency

5. You should adjust your interior mirror so that you can see?
a) More to the nearside
b) More to the offside
c) Directly through the centre of the rear window
d) Behind you and particularly to the back seats IF you are carrying small children

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