Intensive Driving

Intensive Driving

Updated 15/03/04

Quick Theory

L earning to drive starts with a CLICK

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1. To avoid acceleration going down a steep hill you should?
a) Select neutral
b) Push the clutch down and increase the pressure on the brakes
c) Select a lower gear
d) Select a lower gear AND use your handbrake if necessary

2. You are driving a slow moving vehicle and a queue of traffic has built up behind you. You should?
a) Stop
Speed up
c) Pull over in a safe place to allow others to overtake you
d) Continue at your current speed

3. You are on a motorway where there is road works. The speed limit says 50mph
a) You should obey the new speed limit
b) The speed limit is advisory
c) You are required to use your discretion
d) Continue at a safe speed

4. Diesel spillages are dangerous because?
a) Diesel ignites easily
b)  It is a clear liquid
c) It is odourless
d) It is slippery

5. You intend to turn left in to a minor road. A bus is approaching you on your left in a bus lane. Who has priority?
a) No one
b) The bus
c) You
d) I
t depends on the circumstances

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