Intensive Driving

Intensive Driving

Updated 15/03/04

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1. Driving in a Bus Lane?
a) You should never drive in a bus lane
b) You can drive in it during the times shown on the information sign
c) You cannot drive in it during the times shown on the information sign
d) You can drive in it outside the times shown on the information sign

2. Yellow zig zags?
a) I must never park on yellow zig zags
b) I can if the information sign allows me
c) There will never be an information sign allowing me to park
I can wait in yellow zig zags ONLY to pick up passengers

3. A person herding sheep?
a) I must stop on their request
b) I should slow down BUT proceed with caution
c) Only Police Officers have the right to stop traffic
d) Gently sound my horn to warn my presence

4. Pedestrians on country lanes
a) Pedestrians will always walk with the flow of traffic
b) Pedestrians will walk facing the oncoming traffic
c) Pedestrians will always walk on the side of the road that provides the best view of the road ahead
d) Pedestrians do not have particular rules or guidance

5. Towing a trailer on a motorway
a) I must not exceed 50mph
b) I must not use the left hand lane
c) I must not exceed 60mph
d) I must display a warning sign on my vehicle

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