Intensive Driving

Intensive Driving

Updated 15/03/04

Quick Theory

L earning to drive starts with a CLICK

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1. A catalytic converter?
a) Controls the amount of fuel used in a vehicle
b) Removes dangerous particles from engine oil
c) Reduces harmful emissions from exhaust fumes
Makes diesel fuel more environmentally friendly

2. Box junctions?
a) I can wait in it whilst going straight ahead
b) I can wait in it whilst turning right providing my exit is clear
c) I must never wait in a box junction
d) I can wait in it whilst going straight ahead providing the traffic lights are GREEN

3. At a roundabout I am turning right I should?
a) Signal left on the approach and then signal right as I pass my last exit
b) No signals but signal right as I pass my LAST exit
c) Signal right and signal left as I pass my last exit
d) Signal only if other vehicles are on the roundabout ahead of me

4. Horse riders riding side by side?
a) Are causing an obstruction. Sound you horn GENTLY to warn them of your presence
b) The horse nearest the kerb is being trained for traffic
c) The horse riders are turning left ahead
d) The horse riders are obviously talking to each other

5. Before starting a turn in the road I should?
a) Look round for one final check
b) Signal to the right
c) Use an arm signal if it will help other road users
d) Warn pedestrians if necessary with a slight tap of the horn

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