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More questions about our intensive driving courses

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How many driving lessons do you think I'll need?

We offer a 2 hour assessment once your driving test is booked by us

The assessment removes all doubt

Filling in questionnaires on a website is pointless

Will you make me pay for more driving lessons than I need?

No, that's the whole point of the assessment lesson

Thinking back to the previous answer. Is it really necessary to have an assessment?

There's a real advantage to an assessment

It removes doubt

It offers you the chance to meet your instructor and get used to the car before your intensive driving course starts

What happens if I find I just cannot get on with my Instructor or the tuition car?

That's the hidden advantage of the assessment. You'll meet your Instructor before you start your course

But if you find you're not comfortable with anything then talk to me in confidence. Problems can only be solved when I know they exist

What if I want some extra lessons before my Test...just in case?

Your lesson timetable can be planned to allow extra lessons if you wish

That's something you can discuss with your instructor at the end of your assessment

How much are extra driving lessons if I need them?

Currently, £23.50 per hour

Do you intend to increase your rates in the near future?

Our rates arew effective until November 2012

How many hours of driving will I do each day?

Usually five hours per day and yes we do have a lunch break and comfort stops

What's your usual start time?

Normally around 10am

Though we can start earlier or later if you prefer

I get the impression that your intensive driving courses are available only during the week. What happens if I cannot get enough time off from work?

We can tailor you course to include a weekend

And it doesn't cost any extra

Will I have other pupils in the car with me?

No you won't

We offer a bespoke intensive driving course. Pure one to one learning

Will I have the same car and driving instructor throughout my course?

Yes you will

Only in exceptional circumstances will we change either the driving instructor or car

If we have to do this then we will do it with the minimum of fuss and inconvenience to you

Will I take my driving test at the end of my intensive course?

Yes you will. Your intensive driving course is based around your test date

How is my driving test booked?

We book your driving test for you. We book your test and course around dates that suit you best

But how will I know you've actually booked my driving test?

You'll get a confirmation email from the DSA

Please keep the email when you receive it

How do I pay for my intensive driving course?

You'll be asked to pay on line through Google Checkout once your driving test is booked

How will I know that my payment is secure?

You can ask for an invoice detailing all fees

You will receive email confirmation of your deposit via Google Checkout©

Thinking back to the previous answer about emails. What if I haven't got an email address?

We might ask you to create one, however Google Checkout© will create a temporary one for you

We use emails because they create effective paper trails

It means we can both refer easily to previous questions asked or answered

We never sell or use your email address for marketing purposes

What happens if I decide not to take your course or stop part way through it?

A more detailed response is available via this link

(opens in a new window)

Do you have a guaranteed pass scheme?

Sorry, we just cannot guarantee your success

The conditions of some guaranteed pass schemes are very difficult to comply with. Read them carefully

We'll give you the best possible tuition we can. The rest is up to you

Are car sharing courses more effective?

They are certainly far more cost effective

Especially from a Driving School's point of view

But no, we just offer one to one tuition

If you want more information on car sharing courses, then read our web page about Car Sharing Courses

How will I find you on the first day of my intensive driving course?

Don't worry

Your instructor will give you precise meeting points and times

What happens on the day of my driving test?

You'll meet up with your instructor about an hour before your actual test time

We always plan midday tests whenever possible

You'll have a warm up drive and then go over the Show Me Tell Me Test

I know you say the costs are inclusive. Are there any additional costs?

The only additional cost you might incur is if you request additional leesons. Apart from that there are no further costs

What if I don't pass first time?

If you don't then don't worry. Just book another test and liaise directly with your instructor

Your instructor will know what dates he or she is available for future tests

Thinking about the previous question. How successful are you?

We are only as good as you

Our current pass rate is around 60%

Which is substantially higher than the pass rates of the DSA Driving Test Centres we use

Why don't you use all the DSA Driving Test centres available in London?

We only use the test centres we know and like

We don't see the point in using test centres that we don't know or we're not happy with

What Driving Test Centres do you use?

We have a whole page dedicated to the test centres we currently use

Test Centres
(opens in a new window)

Can I take an intensive course without having to take a test at the end?

Yes you can

We often provide courses for customers who wish to get as much driving experience possible

This has proved extremely popular with customers on "gardening leave"

Or with very heavy work schedules

I've seen intensive driving courses where you can take your theory test and driving test in the same week. Can you do that course also?


But if you want to take your theory test in one part of the country

And accept a cancellation driving test in another part of the country

Anything is possible and I will want full payment in advance


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