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Motor (Car) Insurance

The law requires you to have Motor Insurance

  • The reason for car insurance is to make sure you have the funds to deal with an accident, theft or damage
  • In the UK, car insurance is compulsory and driving without it is an offence which may end up with you having your car confiscated
  • Many companies in the UK offer car insurance some with special deals but always check the small print
  • Online comparison sites could save you substantial amounts of money, but again make sure you compare like with like

  • Insurance companies offer three types of car insurance
  • Third Party
  • Third Party Fire and Theft
  • Comprehensive

  • Third Party is the most basic cover and essentially provides cover for everyone and everything else except you and your vehicle. Often it's the cheapest form of insurance but some insurers will load this policy to encourage you to upgrade to
  • Third Party Fire and Theft insurance comes next and gives you the added value of protection if your car is stolen or goes up in flames. Your car is still not insured against accident damage though and be aware though that the value you place upon your dream car may not be shared by your insurer. Your optimistic valuation of £2000 might be a pessimistic valuation £200 by your insurer!
  • Which insurance policy is right for you?
  • Comprehensive is what it says it is. It covers all eventualities and by that fact alone is often the most expensive policy. It does bring peace of mind

  • So which policy is right for you?
  • It's a difficult question and there is no right or wrong answer

  • Age, postal code, occupation and the car itself are all factors in deciding the final cost
  • Pass Plus ######### is something all newly qualified drivers must consider. It certainly introduces skills not covered by the DSA Driving Test, a good example is high speed Motorway driving
  • But if money is really tight and your car is about the same age as you get third party only insurance, but be aware of the limited cover
  • Alternatively, ask each insurer to quote for both third party fire and theft and comprehensive cover
  • You'll discover it's the best way to see the insurance policy that's right for you


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