Intensive Driving

Intensive Driving

Updated 15/03/04

Reverse Park

L earning to drive starts with a CLICK

1. Line your car up so that you can see the end of the red car through your nearside passenger window.

2. Check all around you and now move slowly and steer to full lock towards the kerb.

3. Watch carefully and pause when the kerb has moved about two thirds across your back window.

4. Now check around you and moving slowly quickly take off the left lock.

5. You should now have your wheels straight and be at an approximate 45 degree angle with the kerb

6. Now move slowly backwards and pause when your nearside mirror covers the rear offside lamp of the red car.

7. You are now reasonably safe to begin steering away from the kerb without the risk of clipping the car in front of you.

8. You'll probably need to steer to full lock, watch the back of your car swing into position in front of the blue car.

9. You can either take off the lock and straighten your wheels whilst in reverse or go forward in first gear to straighten.

**On your driving test you'll only be asked to park behind one car. But you'll have to complete the exercise within to car lengths of the host vehicle**

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