Intensive Driving

Intensive Driving

Updated 15/03/04

Meeting Traffic

L earning to drive starts with a CLICK

Who has priority?

Rectangular Callout: Alternatively the blue car could wait alongside the yellow car to allow the red car to move into this  space here
Rectangular Callout: The red car could wait in this space here opposite the green car and allow the blue car to proceed

Should I go or should I stop ? Essentially no one has priority. Your decision must be based upon what is behind you and what is behind the approaching vehicle. Little point in you pulling in to a space just big enough for your vehicle if you have a lorry behind you. Equally, there is little point in trying to make the other driver pull over if there are other vehicles behind it. How will you get through the non existent gap? If you do pull over leave enough space for the other vehicles to get through.

What if the other driver flashes their headlamps? Proceed with caution. There might well be a driver in a parked car ahead of you who has also seen the flashing headlamps and thinks it means they should go. Rare, but it happens. Anyway, did the flashing headlamps tell you to go or was it a warning from the other driver that they intend to keep moving?

What if there is nowhere for you to stop and the other driver continues to drive on ignoring all the available spaces? STOP! Apply the handbrake and allow the other driver to squeeze through the gap. Your Insurance company will be pleased that you were hit by a moving vehicle whilst you were stationary.

How do I teach my pupils? They ask two simple questions.

If they answer "YES" to either question, they know instinctively that, they have a problem!

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