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Our Intensive Driving Course Price List (frozen until November 30th 2012)***

Our Prices include:

  • DSA Driving Test fee (£62.00)
  • THREE hours for your test day
  • A modern dual controlled car and Driving Instructor on your test day
  • Comprehensive Motor Insurance and Driving Test Insurance cover
  • Exclusive, one to one tuition from a qualified DSA instructor

Our Tuition Promise:

  • Fully Qualified DSA Registered Driving Instructors
  • No Trainee Driving Instructors!
  • No sub contracting out to instructors short of work
  • No course sharing
  • No car sharing
  • No surcharge for automatic driving courses
  • We quote hours not days
  • No credit card charges

When we say a: "25 HOUR COURSE" We mean it:

(Well, we actually mean 28 hours because we always include your test day within our course price and we now give you 3 hours on your test day)
Our ever popular Signature Course© is actually (28 hours) over 6 days: 5 days of tuition (25 hours) with a DSA Driving Test on the 6th day (3 hours)
40 (43) hours spread over 9 days. Designed for drivers with little or no driving experience


35 (38) hours spread over 8 days. This is for the new drivers who have just the basics of driving


30 (33) hours over 7 days. This course is designed for you if you've had about 10 to 15 hours of driving but not started to learn the manoeuvres



25 (28) hours in total spread across 6 days

An ideal course for you if you started learning some years back. And haven't driven much since. You might have taken a test in the past. It's probably our most popular and cost effective course


20 (23) hours spread over 5 days. This is the course for you if you've taken a test in the past two to three years and haven't continued driving since


15 (18) hours spread over 4 days. An ideal course if you failed a test in the past 12 months. It's designed for you when you need to brush up those essential skills. You get those important extra few hours before the test


10 (13) hour course spread over 3 days. If you've failed a test in the last month or two and you just need to refresh your skills. It's for you


New Product 5 (8) hour course spread over just 2 days

The ultra fast intensive driving course for those who have just failed a test within the past 10 working days


New Product 2 hour driving course assessment

Get an honest assessment of your driving skills and...
...meet your team Instructor before your Intensive Driving Course begins


DSA TEST FEES are included in the price (weekday driving tests)

***DSA Test fees price increases will be passed on as they occur

Have you read our SMALL PRINT? ######### (We have!)



  • DSA Driving Test is £62
  • Theory Test is £31
  • All John Foote courses are available in either Manual or Automatic cars
  • No surcharges for Automatics on our intensive driving courses
  • No surcharges for any weekend courses
  • We just don't have surcharges
  • And we have removed all credit card charges!

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