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Is an intensive driving course really for you?

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Intensive Driving Lesson Courses

Would intensive driving lessons really suit you? This course is ideal for you if:

  • You've taken a driving test before and don't want to spend yet another two long years learning to drive
  • You wish to complete your driving course in a shorter period of time
  • You have sufficient time available because you'll need to set aside a set number of days for tuition and the Driving Test
  • You need a licence as a condition of your employment
  • You can learn under pressure
  • You have sufficient funds
  • The entire course including the driving test fee is due when you start your course

Intensive driving courses aren't easy and for some (not all) it ends in tears

  • You'll have to pass your theory test before you begin and the driving test will be booked for you before you start your course
  • Sometimes intensive driving courses are seen as the answer to a prayer without giving thought to what is really involved

How many lessons do you think I'll need?

  • That depends upon your ability
  • You will need to be honest with yourself about your abilities
  • Our initial phone conversation will give us both some idea
  • We always offer a 2 hour assessment lesson well before your course
  • You'll be assessed fairly but, keep in mind that an assessment is.......
    .....an intelligent guess! We're only human

Be careful if you're told that you will only need a fixed number of lessons

  • Take an assessment first
  • Avoid questionnaires that choose the best course for you
  • If you're unsure about our intensive driving courses
  • Don't apply

Don't expect an easy course or even a holiday with us

  • You'll be pushed to achieve the highest possible standard
  • We'll expect you to achieve
  • Our courses are professionally planned
  • Professionally run
  • And professionally priced


Don't fancy intensive driving courses?
Try our relaxed hourly lesson route with A1Learners

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