Intensive Driving

Intensive Driving

Updated 15/03/04

Hazard Perception Test

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Is that really a developing hazard?

14th November 2002 saw the introduction of the Hazard Perception Test. So, what is Hazard Perception?

  • The ability to anticipate (correctly and in sufficient time) the actions of other road users
  • The ability to recognise as early as possible any situation that might cause you to take avoiding action

The basic actions are:

  • Changing speed
  • Changing direction
  • Stopping
This really is only a BASIC approach to the concept of hazard perception.

Put another way it's the ability to scan the road ahead and BEHIND you to:

  • Identify potential hazard quickly
  • Anticipate the actions of others
  • Take the correct action early and safely

Why is this additional test being introduced?

  • It's estimated that almost 38,000 road users are killed or injured on our roads each year in collisions involving a driver with less than two years experience
  • New drivers can take up to two seconds longer to identify a potential hazard
  • Your reactions as a younger driver may be quicker BUT an older driver will identify the hazard much earlier than you and will avoid the collision YOU will have!

How will the test be taken?

  • You'll be shown a series of video clips involving motor vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists
  • You'll need to identify the possible hazards within a given time frame

How will the test be marked?

  • You need to score 30 out of 35 theory questions to pass.
  • The new test will require you to obtain a pass mark in both categories. See update
  • You'll have to take both tests again if you don't reach the overall pass mark

Will the video clips be available buy?

  • You can now buy lifelike clips of the Hazard Perception quiz
  • Follow the link below

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