Intensive Driving

Intensive Driving

Updated 15/03/04

Thanks to Katie Jane and Stuart

Driving in the UK on holiday?

L earning to drive starts with a CLICK

A few facts in NO particular order of importance:

The UK is a "fine" place to drive.
According to most of you we drive on the wrong side of the road.
You must always give way to traffic on your right.
The speed limit in built up areas is 30mph and on other roads the speed limit ranges from 40mph to 70mph.
On a derestricted road the speed limit is 60mph on a single carriageway and 70mph on a dual carriageway.
On Motorways the maximum speed limit is 70mph.
Yellow lines along the left hand side of the road place restrictions on parking (the more lines the greater the restriction).
Traffic from our right has priority at roundabouts.
Driving in bus lanes (during restricted hours) carries a £100.00.fine. You can often earn a 50% reduction in the fine if you pay it early.!
Buses in bus lanes have priority over you when you are turning left.
Most drivers in the UK drive manual (gear shift) cars. Automatics are more difficult to find.
We have Zebra, Puffin and Pelican crossings for pedestrians and Toucans for cyclists.
A red traffic light means STOP . You may not turn left on a red traffic light unless a green left filter light allows you (or if there is a slip road on your left, if there is a slip road you must still be prepared to give way from traffic from your right.).
An amber traffic light means STOP unless stopping would cause an accident.
A green traffic light means GO if it is clear.
Red and amber lights showing together at traffic lights advise  you that the lights are about to change to green.
At traffic lights a right turn filter light means you can turn right without giving way to oncoming traffic
Speed cameras are very popular on Motorways when road works are being carried out. They are a very useful way of generating income for road repairs. Road  works on Motorways are very popular!
Speed cameras are now painted yellow. But not all!
Speed cameras are very popular and are often well hidden from view, though a sign will warn you of their presence.
You must give way to Buses when they are signalling to move off from a bus stop (if it safe to do so)
If you are turning into a minor road (crossing a give way line) you must give way to pedestrians who are crossing the minor road.
If you see a crossroads sign it means that (generally) you have priority through the junction BUT always approach with caution.
White Zig Zag lines near pedestrian crossings mean (amongst other things)  No Parking.
Petrol and parking are both ridiculously expensive.
Drivers now regularly ignore red lights unless there is a camera at the lights. If there is a camera expect sudden braking
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