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Our Code of Practice

Our commitment to you:
  • Provide consistent, safe and correct tuition at all times
  • Be honest in our assessment of your abilities
  • Be punctual and tell you before the start of your lesson (where possible) of any traffic, weather conditions or mechanical failure or any other event that might cause us delay or non arrival
  • If we have to reschedule a lesson for any reason, tell you as soon as possible
  • Respect your privacy and not disclose any information about you to a third party. Unless legally required to or you give permission for us to do so
  • Provide (if asked for) a receipt for any advance payments made
  • Carry the correct insurance covering you whilst driving our tuition vehicles
  • Maintain (as far as practicable) our tuition vehicle at all times
  • Provide you with the proper information allowing you redress against the service we provide to you
  • Tell you in good time if we change our rates

Your commitment to us
  • Try to be punctual for the lesson you have pre booked
  • Give at least 24 hours notice in the event of a lesson cancellation
  • If you don't we may charge you for that lesson
  • If delayed for whatever reason, advise us as soon as you can
  • Take any reasonable advice that we give you in respect of learning to drive
  • Allow us to decide when you are ready to take a practical driving test

What we cannot do
  • Guarantee that you will pass your driving test first, second or even third time

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