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Car sharing intensive driving courses

It's difficult to know how effective car sharing intensive driving courses are simply because we don't offer car sharing courses
  • Certainly (from a cost point of view) a car sharing will save you a substantial amount of money
  • It is much cheaper for a Driving Instructor to teach two or three people at the same time, in the same car
  • An Instructor's running costs drop dramatically and is being paid by two or even three people at the same time

Are there any other advantages, other than the obvious cost?
  • It's often said that the real advantage of a car sharing intensive driving course is learning by watching and then copying what you have watched
  • And by watching the mistakes of another driver you won't make that same mistake yourself
  • But you don't learn to swim by watching someone else

However, for skilled drivers car sharing can be beneficial
  • It's not the practicality of driving, more the complexity of certain driving situations
  • Many Driving Instructors developed their driver training skills using this format
  • They exchange ideas and learn how to more effectively deal with these situations
  • Each driver can offer advice on how they might have dealt with the problem
  • It's the shared ideas that reinforces their learning
  • Ideas they then go on to use when teaching others to drive

New drivers however, rarely share this experience simply because they probably haven't experienced it yet
  • At this stage it's still learning by doing
  • Not by watching

So, where does this leave you?
  • I'd advise you to think about what you want from the course
  • If it is a cost factor and you are quite happy to spend part of your course watching rather than doing
  • Then, it is definitely the course for you

But, I never learnt to swim by watching someone swimming

  • I honestly don't know if car sharing courses are a better way of learning to drive
  • Some driving schools say this is the most cost effective teaching method available
  • We've never offered car sharing courses as a cheaper alternative to learning to drive

    And never will
    We just teach individuals

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