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Driving Instructor Course

If you're reading this page then chances are you're probably considering a Driving Instructor career and might have seen the glossy adverts saying that you'll be teaching the million people who apply for a provisional licence each year

Let's get the jargon out of the way

  • ADI's (Approved Driving Instructors)
  • PDI's (Potential Driving Instructors)
  • DSA (Driving Standards Agency)

Driving Instructors generally fall into one of the groups below:

  • A need to create personal job satisfaction
  • Suddenly unemployed with a restless redundancy cheque
  • Full time employee disillusioned with current job prospects
  • Career changers with a desire to succeed and improve in another field
  • Workers fed up with the 9 - 5 dead end job routine
  • A sense of going no where....fast
  • Experienced drivers with licence categories for a number of different types of vehicle
  • Motivated drivers with a wish to succeed and improve driver training
  • Semi retired with a need "to do something" to boost a failing income
  • Retired with a need "to do something" to boost a failing pension

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Becoming an ADI does sound good. Just think:

  • Hours to suit
  • New car
  • Self employed
  • High earnings
  • A steady flow of new pupils

Think it through:

  • Driving Instructor Training establishments thrive on redundancies
  • The first Driving Instructor Training centre was set up in Corby...a failed mining town...awash with redundancy cheques
  • Instructor Training Establishments invariably have more sales staff than trainers
  • The Driving Standards Agency earns money from PDI exams
  • Many Trainee Driving Instructors never qualify

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Many have squandered large sums of precious redundancy money in the process and:

  • With high (DSA) failure rates some Driving Schools can offer these courses at very low rates
  • Remember, Driving Schools know the pass rates better than you
  • You'll often pay up front and if you drop out you'll invariably lose your money
  • The Driving Instructor Training Industry is for some Driving Schools (not all) an extremely lucrative sideline to their core business

Let's look at each test you will take:


  • Part 1 is a DISTANCE LEARNING course
  • The Part 1 examination paper consists of 100 multiple choice questions, divided into 4 bands, an overall pass mark of 85% and a band pass mark of 80% must be achieved before you can move onto Part 2
  • In other words, if you get an overall Pass Rate of more than 85% but less than 80% in any of the 4 bands you will fail
  • Part 1 also includes the Hazard Perception Test
  • The Hazard Perception Test is a series of video clips in which you must identify developing hazards
  • You study for the Part 1 exam at home with an online tutor
  • We are always close to you!
  • Having passed Part 1 you have two years to take and pass Parts 2 and 3


  • Part 2 is a demanding driving test lasting about 1 hour, it covers all road and traffic conditions, and the "manoeuvres" mentioned below
  • You must drive to an extremely high standard, only six minor faults are allowed during the drive
  • You must pass this test before you can move to Part 3
  • Make no mistake...
  • ...this is not the driving test you took years ago
  • The Driving Standards Agency demands a high standard

Our experienced Driving Instructors assess you on all types of roads, including Motorways; you must demonstrate each "manoeuvre" in a business like manner

  • Emergency stop
  • Turn in the road
  • Reverse to the left
  • Reverse to the right
  • Parallel park
  • Bay Parking
Part 2 training consists of 20 hours of driving
Once passed you can decide on a Probationary Driving Instructors licence (PDI)
  • A "PDI" (Trainee) licence is valid for six months and allows you to gain teaching experience before sitting the Part 3 test but you must take a further 40 hours of tuition within the first 3 months of your trainee licence or your Part 3 test, whichever comes first


  • Part 3 teaches you the skills to instruct unskilled, semi skilled and fully skilled pupils
  • Fully skilled pupils still need training
  • The Part 3 test needs experienced training from top qualified trainers
  • You must be fully trained and prepared
  • The Part 3 test lasts for about an hour
  • Your Examiner will role-play either an untrained or partially trained pupil before switching at the halfway point to role-play a fully trained pupil for the remainder of the test
  • This is the most difficult test and carries the highest failure rate
  • You must be properly trained
  • Training for Part 3 will usually be twenty sessions of two hours
  • Part 3 training must be completed and signed off before the Driving Standards Agency will accept your application for a Trainee Licence

You might share the experience of the Part 3 course with other trainee driving instructors

  • Training at this level benefits from feedback not only from your trainer but also from your colleagues learning with you
  • The Part 3 exam is as much about listening as instructing
  • Knowledge gained in Parts 1 and 2 is invaluable during your Part 3 training

At this stage some PDI's prefer to gain additional training and experience with a "trainee" licence
Or you can bypass the "trainee" licence option and apply for your Part 3 test immediately

Training Fees:

  • Part 1: £201.50
  • Part 2: £750.75
  • Part 3: £1725.75

An additional fee is payable to the Driving Standards Agency upon successful completion of the course for your ADI licence/registration
You will be removed from the ADI register if you fail to renew your licence every four years or refuse to take a check test when requested
  • Are you struggling with Part 3 training?
  • Yes?
  • Then we're here to help you

Our Driving Instructor Training Courses consist of three carefully planned and structured learning programmes

  • Distance Learning Part 1
  • Advanced Driving Part 2
  • Teaching Ability Part 3

We don't provide mass production driving instructor training courses
  • Our Driving Instructor Training courses prepare you for each individual qualifying exam
  • Our fees include all study materials, exclusive access to dedicated instructors and training vehicles
  • Quality tuition for ADI Part 1, 2 and 3

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