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The day of your Driving Test

So, it's your driving test and what seemed years away when you booked your test (and complained about the long wait) has arrived all too soon

Well, what can you expect to happen?

  • Your Instructor will probably meet you an hour or so before your test appointment
  • Show your Instructor your documents before you move off from home (it's too late to find out you haven't got your licence with you when the driving examiner calls your name)
  • If you're meeting your Instructor somewhere else then make sure you leave home with the documents you need

The hour before your test

  • Your instructor will more than likely run through the manoeuvres with you and may highlight any special points that you might need to concentrate upon
  • Avoid a two hour lesson just before you test
  • You need to arrive reasonably relaxed
  • Not feeling like you've just driven from London to Birmingham

In the waiting room

  • You are not alone
  • There will be other "would be" drivers just as nervous as you and you will never know if the person opposite you is taking their test for the first or the tenth time
  • The driving examiner will not know if this is your first or tenth test either

You've just heard your name called

  • The examiner wants YOU
  • Your examiner will ask you to sign a declaration at the top of the marking sheet. (A nervous smile doesn't go amiss at this point)
  • You are signing to say that your vehicle is insured for the purpose of a driving test and the address on your licence is your current address
  • The examiner will ask to see your driving licence and perhaps your theory test certificate
  • The examiner will compare your signature on your licence with the signature you've just put on the declaration. Hopefully they match!
  • If all is in order the examiner will now ask you to "lead the way to your car" or words to that effect
  • Don't forget if you have a photo card licence to take the paper counterpart as well
  • If you still have the "old fashioned" paper licence take photographic evidence as well (passport)
  • Many a driver has failed their test without leaving the waiting room for not proving their identity
  • Don't forget your glasses if you need them for driving

The eyesight test

  • The examiner will (once you're outside the Test Centre) ask you to read a number plate
  • If you cannot then the examiner will get the tape measure and mark out the prescribed distance and invite you read a number plate again
  • If you succeed then it's onwards to your car
  • If you still can't then it's off to the optician, you have failed your driving test
  • Remember there are two font styles for number plates

Good Luck!

Driving Test Day
  • This page is devoted to the day of your driving test.... we've all been there....some of us more times than we might like to admit
  • Do make sure you bring all the documents you need
  • Do remember your glasses if you need them for driving

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