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The Tests you'll take

The Theory Test is the first hurdle you face on the road to a Driving Licence

  • The test is in two parts
  • 50 randomly selected multiple choice questions
  • Followed by the Hazard Perception Test which involves a series of video clips
  • Within each video clip you will be asked to identify hazards that develop
  • Both parts of the test must be passed at the same time
  • Fail one part and you'll have to take both parts again

Preparing for the Theory Test

  • It's unlikely that you'll succeed unless you are fully prepared
  • There is a variety of books and software available
  • You'll find a useful link on this site

How do I apply?

  • You can apply for the Theory Test once you have a Provisional Licence
  • You can do this on 0300 200 1122
  • You might find it easier and cheaper to apply online through the DSA
  • Make sure you have your Driving Licence ready when you book

The Driving Test

  • You must pass the Theory Test before applying for a Driving Test
  • Make sure you are ready before you take your Driving Test
  • The Driving Standards Agency has an appalling record when it comes to providing Driving Tests. Waiting times are around 10 weeks (April 2009)
  • This causes panic bookings amongst candidates and many have taken and failed their tests long before they were ready
  • The DSA doesn't mind, it gets £62.00 for each attempt at the Driving Test

How do I apply?

  • You can only apply for a Driving Test once you have passed your Theory Test
  • You apply just as you did for the Theory Test
  • Have both your Driving Licence and Theory Test certificate number ready

  • Try the free Theory Test quizzes on this site
  • Each quiz returns an explanation of the question

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