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1. You are turning left at a roundabout but the lorry ahead is in the right hand lane signalling left. You should?
(a) Sound your horn to advise the driver of the incorrect signal
(b) Proceed carefully in the left hand lane
(c) Stay well back because the lorry will turn left
(d) Flash your headlamps to warn the lorry driver of your presence

2. You may reverse into a main road?
(a) If it is safe to do so
(b) You shouldn't
(c) If you are coming out of your driveway
(d) If your view is restricted in a side road

3. Children can remain inside a caravan whilst it is being towed when?
(a) Seat belts are fitted to the seats in the caravan
(b) Professionally fitted baby carriers are fitted inside the caravan
(c) Never
(d) There are no restrictions. Common sense and driver skill are the deciding factors

4. The national speed limit on a single carriageway is?
a) 50mph
b) 60mph
c) 70mph
d) 30mph

5. Which type of crossing detects the movements of pedestrians?
a) Toucans
b) Puffins
c) Pelicans
d) Zebras

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