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Hazard Perception Test

  • New drivers take longer to recognise potentially dangerous hazards than more experienced drivers

How does it work?

  • HPT is sat after the 50 multiple choice question test
  • You are allowed a 3 minute break between each test
  • You can watch a tutorial prior to starting HPT (You can watch it twice)
  • You can sit this test with the same range of languages available for the Theory Test and it is available in basic sign language
  • You get your test results the end the tests

The Test itself?

  • There are 14 video clips, each clip lasting about one minute
  • The video clips are filmed on real roads. The clips are not computer animations!
  • Each clip contains one or more hazards. There are about 15 potential hazards spread over the various clips
  • You click the mouse as soon as you recognise a potential hazard developing
  • The sooner you spot the hazard the higher your score!

Is it similar to an arcade game?

  • Yes and No
  • The main difference is that the video clip does not pause or slow down when you identify a potential hazard
  • Unlike Lara Croft. You cannot pause a clip to give yourself time to think!

How will the computer mark me if I don't take it seriously?

It's a computer game!

  • It would be natural for you to identify common static and environmental hazards during normal driving
  • These hazards will not be scored if you click them and the software will not penalise you if you do
  • However, if you "frantically" click on everything you see the software will detect this and display a message at the end of that particular clip informing you that you have not scored any marks for that clip
  • If you are warned that you have scored zero on one particular clip you will not necessarily fail the test if you perform well in the other clips
  • If you continue to use a "frantic" (Lara Croft style) clicking in the remaining clips the software will detect this and mark you accordingly. You will not receive an adequate pass mark for the entire test

How will the computer mark me if I do take it seriously?

It's a computer game!

  • Well it won't, computer games may be clever but they aint that cute
  • Each time you respond with a mouse click you'll get an acknowledgment from the software programme
  • A red flag will appear at the bottom of the screen
  • Each response you make will be assessed by the software programmes'  response time
  • Each clip has a programmed response time
  • If the clip expects you to respond within 5 seconds then it will mark you according to your response time
  • Your score (from 1 - 5) will be based upon your response time
  • The quicker your response, the higher your score

What if I pass one test and fail the other?

  • If you pass one test and fail the other then you'll need to sit both tests again
  • The fee for the combined test is £31.00

What if I have special needs?

(For car and motorcycle candidates)
  • You'll be able to use a headset to listen to the test read in one of twenty different languages*
  • Candidates with reading difficulties can listen to the test through a headset read in English
  • An on screen video of the test will also be available in British Sign Language
    * Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Cantonese, Dari, Farsi, Gujarati, Hindi, Kashmiri, Mir Uri, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Pashto, Spanish, Tamil, Turkish, Urdu and Welsh

Now follow this link to HPT


Hazard Perception
  • Test fee is £31.00. Correct at 30th March 2009
  • You can book your Theory Test on line at the DSA website
  • Or on 0300 200 1122
  • In any event have your driving licence and credit/visa delta card at hand when you book

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