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What are the benefits of refresher driving lessons?

Refresher driving lessons will suit you if

  • You've passed your test but haven't driven much since (if at all)
  • You're moving to a quieter location and it will mean you'll need to drive again
  • You need to drive as part of your job
  • You need to brush up your skills
  • You lack confidence in a particular skill
  • You intend to supervise your son or daughter whilst they're learning with an ADI and you need to know you're teaching correctly
  • You want to get behind the wheel of a car again after a long break
  • You need to drive again just to ferry the children around and do the "School Run"
  • You were involved in an accident either as the driver or passenger
  • Your partner has got fed up with driving you around ...and you're getting nagged!

How many lessons do you think I'll need?

  • That's up to you
  • Most people choose a 3 hour course and then appraise their own performance and confidence
  • There's no pressure on you at any stage
  • You decide if you want to take further lessons after your initial course

The Refresher Driving Lesson Course is planned for you by you

Refresher Lessons
  • Many people are (naturally) reluctant to ask for refresher lessons
  • But many have had their confidence restored after driving again in a reassuring environment
  • Our tuition cars are dual controlled and fully insured
  • Our refresher lessons are one to one tuition
  • Without condescending driving instructors
  • Check our "Special Offer"

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