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Pass Plus fills in the gaps and NO it's not another DRIVING TEST

  • Pass Plus is administered by Qualified Instructors registered with the Pass Plus scheme
  • Pass Plus is endorsed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA)
  • It's the course recognised by the Insurance Industry that hopefully turns new drivers into safer drivers
  • Ask your potential Motor Insurer about Pass Plus
  • You'll be surprised at their response

You're ideal for this course if:

  • You've just passed your driving test
  • You'll now be driving for your employer
  • You'll be driving your children about
  • You want to reduce your insurance premiums
  • You don't fancy losing your licence under the Probationary Licence (New Driver Act)

You should seriously consider this course:

  • It's endorsed by all major Car Insurers and they should know
  • Don't leave it to good luck and the underlying sense of. "I'll be ok."
  • It's very easy to ignore this course, well you have just passed your driving test, why would you want to pay for even more lessons?

(And yes you're right ...you've spent enough already)

But...there's a whole world of "experienced" drivers just waiting to intimidate you

Do you think they care if you passed your Driving Test yesterday or 5 years ago?...right now you're in their way

And... that lorry driver in the left hand lane has just indicated he's pulling out in front of you... (and he will) even though he's just one car length ahead of you, and he's travelling at 60mph and you're travelling at 70mph and he's changing lanes right now

The lorry driver hasn't got time to care if you're being intimidated by the driver behind you, he needs to move to your lane right now to maintain his speed...and there's a vehicle in your right hand (escape) lane approaching you at speed...

(Presumably you've thought to look in your mirror and can judge motorway speeds from your door mirror?)

And of course, nobody ever tailgates and everyone drives at 70mph on a motorway and.....you've never driven on a motorway before have you?

Pass Plus
  • Follow the Probationary link after you've read this page
  • If drivers try to intimidate me on a daily basis then why shouldn't they intimidate you?
  • And do you have the confidence to ignore them?
  • Pass Plus gives you that confidence and Car Insurers reward your confidence and skills
  • Pass Plus is promoted by Car Insurers and Driving Instructors
  • 6 easy modules = 6 easy hours

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