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Stuck on a Question and Stuck for an Answer?

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Can I book a driving test before I pass my theory test?

No.You must pass the theory test first

Can I book multiple driving tests in case I fail the first one?

It would be nice if you could. No, the Driving Standards Agency only allows one test booking

Does the DSA have quotas for passes?

The DSA says it doesn't have quotas. But it does have statistics

Can Driving Schools book tests earlier than the general public?

No. Driving Schools do not have priority over you

Do I have to pass both parts of the Theory test at the same time?

Yes you do. If you fail one part of the test you must take both parts again

Is it true that some Driving Schools can actually conduct your driving test and issue you with a driving licence?

Only the Driving Standards Agency can test you and issues your driving licence

I have heard that some driving schools can get you a driving test very quickly. Is it true?

Some driving schools will book you a test anywhere in the country, regardless of where you live

So yes it is true, providing you don't mind learning in one location and then perhaps travelling a long way to take your test in an area you have never been to before

Thinking about the previous answer. Is it a good idea?

I don't know. We always conduct our intensive driving courses in the location you will take your test

A quick test booking will usually mean accepting the driving test booked for you and that can be literally anywhere in the UK

Experience tells us that awareness of the location plays a major part in the driving test

So the answer is "Yes" but think about the next question and answer

Why do I have to travel to you to take my intensive driving course?

We teach you in the areas we know. We know the Test Centres and have a good knowledge of both the Examiners and the test routes

There's no point in learning to drive in one location and taking your test somewhere neither you nor your Instructor knows... ...that's a guaranteed failure

Are intensive driving courses as effective as driving schools say they are?

Well I would say yes wouldn't I? Intensive driving courses are not the best choice for everyone

I suggest you think very carefully before committing yourself

Some driving schools offer unique training programmes that teach you to drive and pass the test in less time than conventional teaching programmes. Do you have any unique teaching programmes?

No we don't. At johnfoote.co.uk we still use traditional teaching methods. We don't know if these unique teaching methods work, simply because we don't use them

If I fail my driving test can I take another one straight away?

You can book another driving test immediately but there must be a 10 working day gap before the next test date

Why are your intensive driving courses more expensive? I have seen courses that throw in a holiday as well and they're still cheaper than you

We've never believed in mass production driving courses and we don't do holidays

We could cut our costs by merely selling your course on to a driving instructor who doesn't have any work

Another way of reducing costs for you is by car sharing

Put another way have one instructor teaching 2 or even 3 customers at the same time

Are your driving instructors fully qualified?

Yes they are. We never use trainee driving instructors

We don't feel that trainee driving instructor possess the special skills to teach intensively

I've still got questions about your intensive courses but you haven't answered them

If you still have questions please
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